Algo Trading

  Mudraksh and Mcshaw Advisory solely focuses on developing and deploying innovative quantitative trading strategies across markets and asset classes. These quantitative strategies are based on the logic of timing, price, quantity and mathematics.

  Through our years of trading experience and expertise in capital markets, we have developed quant based proprietary trading models which go through a diligent in-house development process and are back-tested over long periods of time before implementation. Once live, these strategies are deployed across various asset classes and instruments with stringent multiple level risk management system.

  We have created multiple volatility neutral strategies for different timelines such as "No-loss day"," No-loss week", "No-loss month" which work even in unusual times.

  • Pre-planned Execution Algorithms.
  • Automated checks on multiple market conditions simultaneously.
  • Quasi-risk control and management.
  • Full transparency in executed orders.
  • Diversified strategies for different need-parameters.
  • Mutually independent strategies.
  • Execution at the best possible prices.
  • Smoother equity return-plot.


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