The heart of Mudraksh’s Philosophy is to rigorously search for opportunities in mispriced assets so as to timely invest in them for a great upside in profit while constantly innovating the reward-risk metrics to meticulously control the VaR (value at risk) of our propreitary capital.

Process Innovation

Mudraksh was found on the ideology of innovation. Innovation is the change that brings new value to the investment horizon leading to better returns. We bring innovation to every process involved in investing our fund. Right from the market mapping systems to the technological platform used for entering the market or the mechanisms to control the Reward-Risk Metrics, innovation is and will always be our backbone for moving forward.

Rigorous Research

We firmly believe that the brain of any company is the research centre. We invest most of our human capital in studying and examining various markets and the innovative methods to institutionalize long-term returns from them. Our dedicated research team structures and provides us with the data to invest our money in high yielding assets so that an ideal risk-return profile is maintained.

Top notch Team

Mudraksh’s team consists of a group of skilled, integrated investment professionals whose principal members have worked together since 2012. We are highly focussed, innovation-driven and ethically spotless professionals. Our team of top-quartile managers and researchers work continuously to ensure excellence in managing our assets for consistent, high-quality returns. There are high standards we expect from everybody and are transparent about the contributions expected.