" You are smart, driven and pretty cool. We are smart, driven and pretty cool. Why don't we join forces."

At Mudraksh, you'll be a part of the team consisting of high-performing professionals from diverse backgrounds, showcasing their expertise to outperform the market and deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Employees are propounded with opportunities to expose them to industry knowledge, enhance their technical skills in-order to pursue their career aspirations.

Mudraksh is committed to treating everyone with whom we work fairly, and with dignity and respect. This includes all our employees and staff (present, future and past) together with all of our other stakeholders, clients and service providers. We expect all of our workers to match this commitment throughout their day to day work and activities.We love interacting with passionate people with diverse cultural, professional and educational background.

Bring your talents to Mudraksh and make an impact. We work in an environment that supports diversity and encourages every employee to reach their full potential.

Working at Mudraksh

Developement through Learning

We believe in advocating each individual's capability, which drives our ongoing performance. We offer and support a n.o of learning and development activities and study programmes to assist our employees in their current roles and future career aspirations.


Mudraksh cheers solid performance and exhibiting clearly defined corporate values, by providing competitive reward and benefits packages, enabling us to recruit and retain talent while ensuring employees’ interests are aligned with those of our clients.

Work/Life Balance

Mudraksh believes our business rises by promoting and embracing our team-mates' work/life balance. We all have responsibilities and interests inside and outside of the work environment and staff will be more jubbliantively constructive when they posses an equilibrium between these commitments. Mudraksh has a number of teams and roles split into three key areas: investment, business development and corporate functions.


•  Investment Office
•  Fund management
•  Investment specialists
•  Investment analysis
•  Trading
•  Research

Business Development

•  Sales
•  Client relations
•  Product development
•  Marketing
•  Investment communications


•  Human resources
•  Operations
•  Finance
•  Technology
•  Change management

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