Content Writing Competition

content is the king,
Marketing is the queen. Both run the household hand in hand.

Writer, author, wordsmith, penman, there lies enormous titles for individuals who love to scribble down their thoughts. But for a long time, the uninitiated have usually considered writing to be a thing of love-struck individuals who pen down the melodies of love, which they were unable to or want to express to their sweet heart.

Article Writing

There will be two rounds and each round requires different form of writing style. In round 1 you will have three general topics and you will have to choose only one. In round 2 you will have to write on two topics, wherein 1 will be compulsory and one, you are free to choose from three topics.

Round 1

1- How does Western lifestyle affect the Asian community?
2- Can you be a “Feminist” Indian parent and still let your child  read or watch “sexist” storybooks or movies?
3- How can blockchain technology revolutionize global economy?
  Only selected individual, shortlisted by our esteemed jury members will be forwarded for next round.


Word limit: 750-1000 words
        The article shall not be plagiarized
Copyright of the Articles shall rest with the organizers (Mudraksh andMcshaw)
Name or any mark which identifies the author) must not be found in any part of the article.
You have to upload the files to google drive and send us a link to the same. You may post the same link on various social media platforms with the #Mudraksh in order to promote your piece of craft.
Cover page containing Name, Nationality, Address, E-mail ID, Contact Number and Name of the College/University of the Participant.

Judgement Criteria

1. Essay Content (200 points)

  • Maintain word limit: Your essay should be in between 750- 1000 words. Your essay should be 100% plagiarism free.
  • Use active voice, multiple paragraphs to make it readable and interesting.
  • Should follow the rules and guidelines.
  • Grammar and flow of the article.             
  • Your story telling capability will be judged.

2. Announcement points: Sharing your participation on Facebook (Each announcement contributes 3 points)

It’s fun to get motivational wishes from your friends when you are participating in a competition. That is why we want you to share your participation news on your Facebook, so that your friends know about it. You would need to use hashtag #m&messaycompetition along with your message. Do not miss to use this hashtag as our social media team will find your message using this hashtag.

You may use this message: “I am excited to participate in Mudraksh’s content writing competition. #m&mcontentcompetition”

3. Social share points: Peer review through social media (Each ‘Like’ contributes 1 point)

We think peer review is an important factor to judge your essay. Top 10 essays will get space on our website under your authorship. We will be sharing the link with you, which you can share through your social media and other channels. We will count the number of Facebook likes on your Essay page.

Winning Prize

1st Prize- Rs.10000+ certificate
2nd prize- Rs.5000 + certificate
3rd prize- Rs.2000+ certificate
All the shortlisted individual in round 2 will get a E- certificate as token of appreciation for their participation.