Conquering Markets With Quants

About Us

Analyze, Create, Code and Deploy

We as a quantitative trading firm aims to topple many established apple carts with vision to open a brave new world of opportunities for all investors whether institutional or private.

With global scale deep knowledge, years of market experience and advance technology, we desire to revolutionize the conventional practices.

What We Offer

Alpha Centric

Our top priority remains the same — managing our clients’ assets for consistent, high-quality returns.

Process Innovation

Right from the market mapping systems to the technological platform used for entering the market or the mechanisms to control the Reward-Risk Metrics.

Rigorous Research

Our dedicated research team provides us with the data to invest our client’s money in high yielding assets so that an ideal risk-return profile is maintained.

It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way.



Controlled VaR

Optimal solution to your risk appetite, ensuring disciplined risk taking through constant monitoring of your hard earned money.


All Weather Strategies

A basket of high quality trading systems aimed at delivering consistent returns with minimum downside risk.


Automated Execution

High speed and efficient trade execution by virtue of robust automated platform to manage your funds.